🎖 The Medal Medal

Famous last words indeed.

These medals are beautiful
It will be awesome if a medal ranking feature was implemented


Though seriously…It could be a secret medal of sorts that doesn’t have a silhouette on the medal screen because it seems a shame not to implement it-it’s so shinee

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Alright people. Public petition.

  • I want this medal in the game
  • I’m against.

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(if people could get Re-Logic to add moon lord legs with online petition then who says we can’t make our own petition)


I can’t say anything besides “congrats!” and “Finally!”


maybe I should be upset…my medal :joy:…but I’m not because you can’t give me a medal who does’t exist for collecting all the medals it just make no sense. :slightly_smiling_face: that does’t change the fact that I think that there should be a special reward, not a medal :lying_face: but a special reward!! and my suggesion was a special spacecraft…Millennium Hatchling :heart:…whatever the time will decide
PS reward or not reward with this achievement from now on I just became great player, not THE,just a great player!!!


Dude there is an Early Access badge in it. Then only Early Access players would be able to get it.

Medal Medal = Medallion


All medals earned will be reset as well, except for the 3 EA medals.

This would be a thing on the actual release though.

clupea harengus 2


What did Clupea Harangeus do anyway?

Spoiler: it turned the chicken legs into fish

Ok I’m going to delete CI3 now.

Wait, it did?

I got the joke (red herring) but didn’t realize it actually did anything. :joy:

Its impresive how someone who have wife and kid/kids, has so much time playing the game.

Who would blame him for playing the best shooter of all time


I’m against this idea, since some medals require a competitive squadron which is out of the player’s skill. One can’t just force their other members to play for hours to be on top.


I imagine it’s only going to be increasingly harder as more people start playing this game, when it comes to challenge and activity medals


But that’s rather the problem of activity medals themselves not this medal (yes, this medal needs all of them to work, but the problem lies with other medals - if one ingredient isn’t working then anything else that uses it will also not work)


There should be an award like the medal medal from IA to you for winning the 100 First in Space Race Medal, also congratulations :grin: