The largest multiplicity we have in millennia

Here is the photos

(I’m sorry if it’s not sorted well)
The egg cannon (dark or normal) has 1 mil hp: and only fires eggs, and lasers
Next: the henterprises: 400k hp, only fires red laser, and feathers
Next: the ucos: 200k hp, keeps the same abilities
The mother hen ship has 130k hp and buff : Lasers travel 3x faster
Chick Gatling guns MUST be in a line, not a triangle like exponentially

  • no, just no
  • Cool idea!

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Do you want this boss to be added?
Boss name: Chicken’s extreme multiplicity
next: the zooom is 10%


This idea is not workable. There are many problems.

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how am i supposed to survive 4 ucos in likely 300% zoom with only a small ship help


i have to say thats a very cool idea i really like it :grin:, but i think it will be very hard to create it :pensive:

i personality say yes i hope. If thas was possible

That will be uncluded in my list: Top 10 phantasmagoria CI ideas I’ve ever seen.

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