The idea about size of stars

Hello everyone, my name is BlueGamingVN and in this post, I have an idea. I think stars( especally the class O, B,A stars should bigger( diameter of them is to small). What is your opinion? Leave a comment below…

Good idea

I think this just got changed in a recent patch, actually.

I think the stars should be bigger. The stars in CIU are smaller than the real stars a lot .


I’ve created a post about this problem and IA increased the star size 10 times larger

I know, but the O, B, A and F stars are still very small .They should be bigger.Class G, F, M stars may not need to enlarge, but the bigger they are, the better

The stars are obviously not to scale, but imo they’re still too small.

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1.They SHOULD at least be 1,000,000 km or more in diameter.
2.This topic is more “Early Access-ish” than “Ideas”

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Stars in CIU are only a few hundred thousand kilometers across.I want them to bigger.

Making them bigger will not change anything.


Many stars in the universe are bigger than the Sun ( 1,400,000 kilometers in diameter), especially class O, B, A , F stars.

If stars are made much larger, some position of the planets/satellites are needed to the adjusted cause some might overlap. That would be additional burden on IA’s side.

There’s no way stars can be to scale on the galaxy map. It would dwarf all other planets. Now, if you want to just tweak the “Diameter” display, we can talk about that. It was recently (v.34) changed to be 10x as large, but it can be easily increased further.


Thank you.

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