The game is getting uninteresting to me

When I started playing CI4 on my aunt’s laptop, it was 8 years ago. I had a lot of fun playing it.
I know CIU via EmeraldPlay’s videos and when I started playing it, it was good. The game is simple, it doesn’t being a dodge game.
Now with the changes, I see the complexity increase dramatically and started turning into a Touhou reference rather than a Chicken Invaders game.
It’s my opinion, what about you?

Well, personally I think that it’s not that hard

It’s not even that hard, you just need to git gud


dude, it’s normal nothing hard, you need skill able to good at it,also (why TouHou reference)

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Wheel of Fortune with Gatlings without any Phase-Outs with AB
Flying an M408 with no Repulsor


It’s easy, you just need some manipulation skills and phase outs

Just learn how to manipulate aimed projectiles

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Tourist difficulty answers your problems.


Except forcing the players to play with certain ships over others and forcing them to use certain weapons and superweapons over others is NOT good game design. It decreases strategical diversity and severely decreases the use of unfavorable weapons. I mean, who wants to use absolver beam on High-Speed Chase or photon swarm on Palpitating grid with lots of Cowards and Slobs.


No one is forcing you to use a certain spacecraft. And some weapons simply are better than others in certain situations. That’s not even an issue, it’s just logic.


Really though, just practice. That’s all you need.
And not panicking will help too.

The more you panic, the stupider your actions.
The stupider your actions, the more likely you crash into something.


High difficulty is for hardcore players… Try easier difficulty to relax a bit.


Although the game is getting harder and harder over time, you just need some practice on an easier difficulty then move to the next one. Eventually you’ll become a real expert and can even survive through super hard waves.


He meant it turned into bullet hell game.


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