The favourite final boss

1: Hend game
2: Mr. Big Chicken #214748363

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I once beat one 7 lasers and I didn’t die for once.

Very cool!
I haven’t encountered it

Play a >90% difficulty with SSH/Virtuoso


  1. Egg Cannon
  2. Yolk Star because it’s ugly

I didn’t knew this post will attract so much people!(maybe there are not too many but i’m happy that more than 10 people came here)


Surely yes.

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Is a very good number in one day

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No, I mean the giant lazer. It does fire itself if you get too close in higher difficulties, but that’s it.


Mr. Big Chicken # :infinity:

He can’t even catch me :joy: :joy: :joy: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

I like him (Just Kidding with you, I hate him because of the chickens that attacks me every new damage stage)

Why do you need to type that much emojis? You can just type one and people will understand.

Hem, back to the topic

Nah I like Yolk-Star boi.

That because almost die laughing when I knew that everyone hates Crazy Squawker. Poor Chicken.

Still, write only one emoji as @anon48763505 said.

Ok, I am sorry :pensive:

It’s ok.

Everyone (including me lol) says that Henterprise is eh, too easy. Let’s change the zoom from 200% to 100%(evil noises)

Yeah, and make it practically unplayable.

No, it’s not too easy. You just haven’t encountered its bullet hell yet. All it needs is a tiny health buff in order to prevent players from simply skipping phases by mashing it with Utensils.

Find Henterprise on a mission with 100% difficulty and play it on SSH. Get a weak weapon or just don’t shoot when it fires its big laser and you’ll see what I mean.