The favourite final boss

1.What is your favourite final boss?
2.But the least one?
1.Mine’s the Henterprise
2.I hate the The Yolk-Star™

  1. The Yolk-Star ™ because is challenger

  2. None, i love all

  1. Regular Egg Cannon, It’s meh imo.
  2. Yolk-Star, To me this boss is the hardest.
  1. Egg cannon cannon cannon
  2. Crazy Squawker

I better fight all bosses with 1 health than fighting the Yolk Star
It is too hard

  1. yolk star

  2. Crazy Squawker

  1. Yolk-Star™, Egg Cannon, Henterprise
  2. Crazy Squawker

We seem to share a hate for Crazy Squawker, poor dude :no_mouth:

  1. Henterprise
    2.Yolk-Star w/5 lasers or above

My favourite boss is The King of Crabs,
And the least favourite is The Yolk-Star™(over 90% of people if they didn’t use special weapons they lose at least a life),

I can understand the great hateness to Crazy Squawker(lol) because it shoots sometimes fast eggs(although I didn’t get hit of it a single time until now :joy:)

  1. Sweater chicken
  2. Crazy Squawker because he trow eggs a the speed of light
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  1. Egg cannon x3
  2. Egg cannon Classic because is so tedius
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  1. The Yolk-Star, Henterprise, The Egg Cannon, (because they’re final bosses and they’re hard).
  2. The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon( Too hard)
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My least favorite is the Mother Hen ship, only because it is so inconsistent between appearances and it bothers me (I made a topic about how to fix it not that long ago.)

As for my favorite:

  1. Yolk Star. Especially if it has 7 lasers, because he’s the only boss that I find fun to kill, as it actually TRIES to kill you. Basically, it poses a great, but fair challenge. I’ve fought it so much that I can practically kill it without any satellites or special weapons all the time.

  2. Henterprise because the fight is so drawn out for a Plasma Rifle user. Those feathers, man. Not to mention, this guy is also strong against Nuclear weapons. To sum up fighting Henterprise with Plasma Rifle… You’d have to be very masochistic, which I actually am when it comes to gaming.

(Still waiting for the day where Henterprise actually makes better use of it’s giant laser)

  1. Egg Cannon:
    It isn’t one of those bosses that’s too hard or too easy. In my opinion, it’s in the middle and also who wouldn’t like to defeat a giant omelette maker? The fight is really fun, and is good for both the rookies and the veterans.
  2. Henterprise: All fights of this boss are extremely cheeseable, especially Hend Game. All you have to do is keep firing a max Utensil on BX-9 and you can destroy it while it shoots the giant disco lazer which literally does nothing. If you don’t have a BX, then still the maneuverability of the other ships comes into play to kill it unscathed. Definately one of the easiest bosses ever.

Uh, you mean sun fireballs, right? And try to fight it at >100% difficulty, it moves super quick.(sad henterprise noises)

Sorry but can I pick normal bosses like:

  1. Apple Core: Very easy way to earn 10 :zap: (just kidding, the barriers are very cool to destroy)
  2. Egg Cannonade: Very buggy boss! (Caution: v.42 will be more projectiles in phase 2 because blind spot bug fix)
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I’m ~5% of them. I once beat 6 lasers no lives lost in Space Race


Bruh 6 lasers is easy.(background complaining noises)

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fact: lol mounted 6 extra lives still nothing lost in SPace Race