The 4ourth idea

OK…so the most important thing about this game it needs a boss for the Fowl Henpire.
so this is what i thought:
Name:The Henperor of the Henpire
Look: a giant Chicken but it has many gadgets on its wing and feet, it also wears armor and a “futuristic-looking helmet”
Health:this one I’ve been thinking, I have edited the health now to 1000 HP (if the health again needs improvement please comment and i can change it if its too high or too low).
Attacks: its First attack is similar to the super chicken in C14. but its colour is different. the second attack is that it shoots all kinds of chickens,Military, normal, chicks and eggs. its third attack is a green energy force field that protects any damage from any weapon the force field will also deflect any projectiles or weapons so be careful. one last thing: who needs a Henpire when you need a big, mean leader that’s the Henperor.

Plus, the Hero Academy Motto: We Save The Galaxy, and Defeat The Intergalactic chickens known as the Henpire from outer space.

and that is IT. NOW is that any better EmeraldPlay?


if it is henpire then it’s supposed to be an emperor not a king

It’s weird how something that’s supposed to be the leader of the Henpire is barely stronger than Sarge Chickens in chapter 5 in The Next Wave in terms of health. It would be also better if it had more original attacks.

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so what does that mean? can i improve something?

100 000 hp will be perfect for boss like this

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(In anſwer to your queſtion for @Sammarald) Yes.

As to my objections, I think that it would be better if there were not a king (or Henperor) for the ſimple reaſon that it is a large henpire and therefore it ſhould be reaſonably hard (i.e. as hard as is reaſonable, i.e. impoſſible) to actually come face-to-face with the king himſelf. I think it would be good as a normal boſs (although not overly original), though, although the health ſhould be raiſed.

EDIT: 9015 HP is an oddly ſpecific number. Any particular reaſon you picked it? Juſt out of curiöſity.

maybe true but the sarge chickens were yesterdays news I bet they should make a Remake of the first ever chicken invaders game in history.

honestly I have always imagined the henperor like a planetary sized-egg surrounded by rings (like Saturn) hungry for planets … chickens are not bad: they just want to keep their leader alive! a giant Yolk, parasite of the galaxies that is revered by chickens like a god …


It would most likely be a waste of time, and I have already made a remake myself.

dude…you keep bringing me negative comments and i dont like it. i am a Chicken Invaders Veteran, i played this game for 5 years. i played every game. plus IF you did make a remake then its fan Made

plus Your Egg-Launcher would be pointless if Interaction Studios chose it would be the BIGGEST mistake of their life. besides the egg launcher would be ineffective against the chickens. who are YOU to judge my comments! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

im talking to emeraldplay…

not you guys. just please speak comfort to me.

Dude dont be salty, everyone wants his idea to be put in the game so do i, but when someone dont like my idea or be negative i just accept his opinion and that’s it.


i cant. its my dream to have my idea.

its just that i cant deal with my emotions

Then ſtep away from the computer and take a walk.

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so i deeply apologize
for say that

I believe you can offer more than imagination and complaint.

yeah…i guess. sometimes things get wound up then i explode. i dont need a walk all i need is appreciation for my imagination

Well then,I’ll have you know that people have different opinions and not everyone will appreciate your ideas.

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