That is a lot of deaths



Looks like my first CI4 account when I was 9.


Big ouch.
Whose account is that, btw?


i dont know


Where is it?

Oh, BTW this ſhould be under “off-topic”.


This is a known cheater (cheated on 2019-01-29 18:10:29 GMT).

Rest assured, justice is coming.


I knew it. Its imposible to have so much deaths.


When @InterAction_studios says this exact second, all cheaters know they are screwed (although the penalty is not a permanent ban, but a profile reset instead).


Who cheats in deaths. Cmon now, tell me. Why would anyone do this xD. Glad he got reset though.


He cheated for having lives, he died a lot of times, but he didn’t lost very much missions.


There’s no way they’d have enough time to die that much. They just changed the death value


I saw a player with minus fuel. I can’t remember who it was but all I saw was “Okay”.


Woah. So much lives lost