Thanks InterAction,


I just wanted to tell iA how much I love what they’re doing. CIU is incredible already, if you ask me, they could release it now, and it would still be awesome. When I first played a chicken invaders game, it was revenge of the yolk. It was on my cousin downloaded it on my grandma’s computer, so I thought I’d give it a try. It was great. So when 4 came out, I had to get that one. I sort of forgot about it for a couple years, then saw on steam that there was a CI 5, so I got it, and loved it, but it left me wondering if it was still going on, or forgotten, so I did some research, and here I am, thanks for making such awesome games InterAction!


InterAction is better than muh of these multimillonaire companies. IA dont try to sell us dlcs, care about their community, of course they love their community not for money. I wish they reach where they want to <3