Thank you on the occasion of 50V!

I would like to thank everyone on the occasion of 50V. It is thanks to @InterAction_studios and you that we’ve got so many ideas, additions, cool stuff and even mistakes over the last 2 years. I am honored to be in this Forum and Greetings, Recruits! :tada: (I wonder if we will reach 100V. and if Early Access will end then) :smile:


I hope not. This Early Access goes on forever.


In my opinion I hope it last long because what if there was a bug or a good idea after the final release?


Who said the game won’t update after release?


well you can still post it after the release, updates won’t stop at the early access, they will continue normally.


Then what’s the difference between early access and the final release?

Early Access makes us test features and changes and see if they are good or not so that we can undo the changes. Final release would be the last release of the game.

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You can’t get last release of constantly-updating game. Early access is a period of radical changes, like the overdrive mechanic. When the game comes out of this stage, changes won’t be so radical. That’s all.


Early access, as the name implies, means you have access to the product early on, whilst it’s still being worked on.

I highly doubt final release truly needs an explanation, but since you asked… Final release is the final version of the game. When the game is done and no longer considered as a work in progress. That doesn’t mean that updates can’t be done after that however.

This is more of a general explanation rather than refering strictly to CIU. VerMishelb’s reply is more accurate to CIU.

Yeah, we’re now working on fundamentals - like weapons and economy. Once that is done EA can end and CIU can start earning money (in theory). For now after release there are planned planetary missions. But it all depends on how big hit CIU will be. For example it can be a total flop and it wouldn’t see any update or it can be a hit and maybe even see expansions.


Time will tell.

I’m more worried that the game will be paid after the final release and we have to buy it! :scream::scream:

I can’t buy it from my country. :worried:

It’s not gonna be paid, it’s just that it will have CHL if that’s what you are talking about, and that will save your progress through email (correct me if i’m wrong).


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