Tell us your memories about chicken invaders and your childhood!

Is this a sign of your support or something?

yes this is a sign of our support

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stop sending this image

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Hi . The night is long and Qalandar is awake. Here is a place to share your memories of childhood. Tell funny memories - or memories of yourself and chicken invaders games - or your most memorable memories. The road is open and the road is long. We love memories!

why did i do this?!

ok. but please say your memory!

my memory is 8 gb ddr4, not the best on the market but does the job quite well

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sorry :sweat_smile: a diary

Can you tell me how to send an audio file?

Honestly, it’s time to stop the comment chain.


It never should have started in the first place, really

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Just put a link that includes an audio file. (Sometimes works)

this thread has been a mess
how to make it less messy

Well I don’t know, this whole thing was your idea, so how to stop it?

didn’t expect this many people to chain it

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alright dump topic

Because thats our memory of this game, we have a really long adventure from the past and for now on. :wink:

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