System Requirements episode 2 ( Fixed ,New Information )

I have some new information about system requirements of the game and as you all see, this is episode 2 of the last topic :
+) CPU: The lack of cache will also cause the game’s delay. For example, Intel Celeron D(isaster) having 1 core running at whopping 2,93GHz but only have 256KB of L2 cache and no L3 ( like my old PC from 1998 have much more cache than that lol ) will cause the game to running super slow. So, I recommend CPU having more than 1MB of cache and dual core for example Core 2 Duo E8400 or higher
+) GPU: Your GPU may have much VRAM, but it may not have as much processing units as you may expect. With Nvidia, I would recommend getting at least 100 Cuda cores and 512MB of VRAM. So Nvidia 8800GT or higher would be the best solution.
+) RAM: Your RAM is fast. But to today’s standard, it may not fast anymore. In this situation, I recommend using DDR2 533MHz 2GB of Ram
In conclusion, this game is still very lite compare to today’s computers. But to people using old PC, I would recommend with these specifications:
+)Windows 7 32-bit or higher
+)2 GB of DDR2-533MHz Ram or higher
+)Core 2 Duo E8400 or higher ( Just in case, don’t use CPU with only L1 and L2 cache and by the way, don’t use atom core CPU to play since it is very slow unless it is quad core )
+) Nvidia 8800 GT or higher ( You can also use Intel HD 6000)

Are these the recommended system specs for a simple 100 MB shmup or Need for Speed Heat, I can easily run CIU on max settings on a simple decade old Toshiba laptop with Windows 7.


It worked fine on my old Toshiba.


well these requirements can be easily met on old machine from 2007 and forward so 10 year old won’t be a problem. And you can actually play this game on a pentium 3 1,6GHz ( quite slow, but still managed to reach 60FPS on lowest settings 1024*768 ).

If it is from 2007 or newer then sure it will be fine

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