Switching from Steam to PC

First, big fan since the beginning of the yolk!

Second, I’m on Steam and would like to run from my PC instead. Can I switch without losing my accomplishments?

Thanks, May The Yolk Be With You.

If you mean to switch from CIU Steam version to normal CIU without loosing your progress then you have to link your progress through an email, click the “Accounts” button, link your progress through an email. And you can play anywhere, at any PC as long as you have your progress linked.

PC from Standalone Version!

Yes, you can:

  1. Make sure you associate an e-mail with your Steam version (at the main menu, select “Accounts” and see if an e-mail is listed there. If it says “guest”, use “Change e-mail” to set an e-mail)

  2. Install the stand-alone version, and at the main menu select “Accounts” and then “Link account”. Enter your e-mail and follow the instructions to complete the linking.


Thanks! That worked flawlessly.

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