Super plasma rifle! And an idea for normal plasma rifle

I have a idea for bullets:Super plasma rifle.
This bullet is like lightining fryer but its sound effect is plasma rifle’s sound effect.
The idea came to me when I saw that some chickens that have electricity have exactly the same sound as the plasma rifle.
The bullet is just like a regular plasma gun, but it spreads like LightningFryer and PositronStream when it hits a place.

And super plasma rifle:

Of course, the place where the bullet hit has the effect of a normal plasma rifle.I couldn’t turn the normal plasma rifle effect into a png file to put it in the hit place of the new bullet.
This bullet’s gift is old gift of plasma rifle.
An idea for normal plasma rifle:
The current gift of plasma rifle for Positron Stream bullet(Of course,it was before).
But I would say it’s better to put the CI3’s plasma rifle gift for plasma rifle bullet.
What is your opinion?

  • bad.
  • good.
  • I don’t have opinion.

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I don’t understand very well.

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Which section?

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So that’s just a combined version of the existing beam weapons? What would then be the point in picking them up when this exists?


spreads means that sub-electric currents are generated.

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If it has the new AoE effect, that’s definitely too OP.


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