Super bosses hardcore

so let’s talk about the 3 main bosses from the previous episodes of the francise
With no doubt the yolk star is the harest one… personally I don’t like the presence of the “minions” when you arrive at the checkpoint!..especially that are not normal “minions” …they are “Terminators minions”…in my opinion terminator chickens is more than enough!! I propuse 2 poll’s
The “minions” should be remove from the yolk star ?

  • yes
  • no

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and for those who are not satisfy of the difficulty
should the “minions” be introduce on Henterprise and Egg Cannon

  • yes
  • no

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ps minions=toxic chick,UFO, Chickenaut etc


Dude, the “minions”, as you call them, are critical for ſcaling the Yolk Star™ to higher difficulties. You’ll notice they appear leſs if you remove SSH; this is a pretty good workaround for thoſe of you who have a certain adverſity to loſing an obſcene number of lives.

As for your ſecond queſtion, it’d be nice, although I vaguely recall IA ſayïng ſomething about there not beïng ſupport for that.


I’ve said it too many times to count, but I’d rather see the terminator count increased substantially for the Yolk-Star™ at the cost of reducing the max laser count to five. But it seems to be an unpopular opinion, unfortunately.

I think it’s a more dynamic, and less ridiculous-looking way to achieve a similar effect.

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