Suggestion to make it a bit easier to make sure that people who were banned can't come back


Hey there, so I have a bit of a suggestion, that might make it easier for people who have previously been banned to not come back; this suggestion isn’t my idea, it’s from another forum that I visit, anyway, this idea is that basically, when a new member posts something, it has to be manually approved by interAction, maybe make it so that the new member has to post x amount of posts before they don’t have to be manually approved anymore, I think this would be a good idea, however, if it’s not easy to implement the current solution works as well [where the new member can post only one post the first day].

  1. IA has enough on his plate already.
  2. The problem’s already ſolved.


This would not be a good idea in case the forum became big enough. There will be always a shortage of mods/moderation time. Some posts delay could be troublesome also.

Somehow, this could be applied on users given warnings previously.


It’s weird, I think I’ve seen ChickenInvadersFan72 on one of the maps.