Suggestion for surrendering or ending sessions

I had this in mind a while back but I forgot to post it until now, so basically it came out from when I accidentally surrendered a daily challenge instead of ending session, and what I want to suggest is replacing those twice click “Confirm?” with a screen “Are you sure you want to surrender/cancel mission/end session?”


I thought they say “Are you sure? This mission still counts toward your carrer.”

Oh yeah, it does, but it’s still twice clicking, and someone could accidentally twice click

Probably a notification pop up similarly to when you attempt a Daily Challenge a second time.

We need 10 time click instead.


@GuestUniverse That would work
@Nikito yeah no

I could be pretty sure that Nikito’s comment was purely sarcastic.

Surprisingly (to me, at least), this is not the first time this has come up:

Even if another Yes/No dialog pops up, it’s going to be centered on the screen (directly over the original button), so clicking again would inadvertently confirm quit.

I could also set an initial time interval during which UI would be unresponsive, but this means that the longer this period is, the longer you won’t be able to close it and resume the game. Not to mention all the “quit button isn’t working” bug reports :roll_eyes:

Are people who complain about this issue using auto-clickers? :thinking:

Or you can just place the buttons in different place or make them smaller.

I uh, I don’t even have a auto clicker installed, when I accidentally surrender it I just surrender
Here’s an mock-up anyway (Ignore the fact it’s a Windows XP themed error)

Or, make it a separate window, but the “Yes” button is greyed out for 3 seconds, with the timer visible so no reports happen.


No, except in the form of habit.

If this had to be added, just have the button greyed out and inactive for a short while.

Just be more careful when you going to click ‘‘end the session’’. Is it that hard for you? For 1 or 2 seconds to look the buttons carefuly? Maybe 2 seconds+ is too much because it can to cut someone’s life.

Sometimes people are in a rush. We all forget basic manners when we’re in a panic to go somewhere or do something fast for something or to avoid something.

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Ok, I’ve changed it so that each time the menu pops up, the fork is placed away from the buttons. Hopefully this should be enough.

@VerMishelb :medal_sports: Idea


Or,swap the positions of the buttons.

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