Suggestion for a new Medal type

What about a medal for completing all missions in a Star System/Constellation?

Or just all the missions on a planet/whatever there is on that star system?

The appearance could just be a simple looking medal with a star.


Well then, you could also add a medal for fully exploring a constellation. The appearence could be a nebula, similar to Sophodot’s profile picture.
I would want to add another medal for exploring an entire star system but then there would be too many of them.

A medal for exploring all of the wormholes would be awesome as well. I’d want more attention given to the appearance of this medal due to it’s prestige.

What do you think?

BTW, I think completing all missions in a star system is the best choice because you’d probably have too many medals if you only needed to clear a planet, on the other hand needing to clear out an entire constellation would be too much.


This medal already exists. Adding a wormhole/constellation/star system exploration medal would be like adding more pieces to a jigsaw puzzle.
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I want to add to Celestial’s idea.

The Medal/s can be named “The overachiever” / “The superior overachiever” / “The completionist”.

The premise for getting each one is as follows:

  • Complete all missions within a planet / moon / sun / asteroid / droid / Wormhole.
  • Complete all missions within a star system.
  • Complete all missions within a constellation.

The appearance is as follows: bronze / silver / gold star.


Eh, I’d put “Completionist” as the first. As for “Superior Overachiever”, I’d rename it to “Nothing better to do”

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