Strobe Lights 🔆

Yet another very serious question. Or rather a set of 'em.
1.Are Strobe Lights Stackable? (No)
2.If so, can different kinds be stacked? (No)
3.If so, do they work well together or nah? (No)
4.Will Strobe Lights eventually be customizable?
Edit: 6.Can we get stackable Strobe Lights?

They are equipped on your hard-points,so…

  1. Probably no
  2. See question 1’s answer
  3. See question 2’s answer
  4. and 5. idk

Well I have the first ship still, so I don’t have more than 1 hard point. Can you only equip one kind of a thing per hard point? Either way, I hope Strobe lights can be stacked… for maximum eye destruction!

Why don’t you just sort every item in store by “stack-able” and see if the strobe lights appear?

Oh I forgot that there’s a filter for those! Ima be back in a secondo!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaand no :frowning:

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Yep…just as I thought. Rip.(I couldn’t have checked since I was in a mission)

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This wasn’t intentional, but yes. You can mount one in each of your hardpoints and their effects will combine.

Currently the flashing patterns are very limited, but when we get around to it you’ll be able to turn your spaceship into a proper disco ball.


Aw yeah! I am excited!