Strange, cool and awesome events dirung CI videos + CI humor

Hi, i used some videos from YT to show you some events, that in the game we almost cant see it. I will begin with the moments before and begging of some explosions:

^ Maybe the biggest one i encountered

^ One of my favorites

That was from Chicken Multiplicity boss battle. Lets see some more:

^ Even at 0.25 speed is not easy to capture this ‘‘explosion’’

That was from brothers reunited. If you want you can join with me and show me explosions of other bosses like these.
But, the second thing that i will show you here is some screenshots during the laggy video of some guy who made the ‘‘Orandza trailer’’. Look:

During the lag most of the stars dissapeared

Then some of them dissapear again and bring back.
The mistery here is that some of the stars doesnt dissapear at all. Maybe they are on of the first develloped stars? Idk you can chek the video at 0.25 speed to see the consecutive extinction.
Well, share you toughts (if you have any?).


The flickering stars are caused by a buggy graphics card driver or the Bandicam driver. You can even see the UI flickering. Weird.

When I visualize my videos throught Vegas Pro 15, black lines flickering sometimes in game.

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