Strange bug that happened today in ciu game!

Hi guys. I went to the game today to buy a license. But when I clicked on the license. Gives an error and says: The other side of the connection is closed. I also downloaded the game from Steam. Here are the pictures.

Someone tell me where the problem is from. thank you

Could you use English to make it easier for us to understand?

IMO it’s already clear enough.

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wait a minute

Steam says “User is in a restricted country”, so it won’t allow you to buy anything. Sorry about this, but this is Steam policy – the game can’t do anything about it.

You can try the stand-alone version to see if you have better luck with PayPal.


no IA. I cannot buy in paypal becasue i live in I.R.I{IRAN} i just want buy in steam
Is it possible that he finally got the license by changing the country?

because u are not flying missions

and why u posted it?

Oops wrong topic :sweat_smile:

delete. RIGHT NOW!

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No need to be rude.

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i’m a disrespect?

I don’t know. You should ask other Iranian Steam users how they have solved this problem (if it is indeed solvable).


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