Stranded Astronout

While you’r on your mission fighting chickens u may stumble upon astronout thats ship is destroyed and he is left there to float in space you can either save him and get extra keys or abandon him he will talk to you with lines like “Help me” so you can see him clearly


Good but , if you saved that astronaut will you get some scores during the mission ?

I have a few things to say:

  1. Welcome to the community :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:
  2. What is the oxygen capacity of this astronaut? I’m surprised he hasn’t suffocated in that time yet.(Well, unless there was a player next to you in the mission (I would actually laugh if the astronaut was a player who is on the same planet as you (in fact, you might think that he only appears when the player is with you on one planet (of course with nickname)))
  3. If an astronaut gives keys for rescue, he could give 5 keys? (this is probably the most advantageous value)
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Speaking of this idea. The spaceship you have just put in the image will trigger a very known person to react on this for seeing this bloody thing uncountable times xd.

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he was not the impostor


That is a good idea

Yeah of course

Yeah of course

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