Story mode addon

How about adding a new mode called storymode? It includes some cutscenes like the past episodes but they are new. It will be very awesome if this mode is accepted to be in the game.

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I really want it, but it probably won’t be included in the game

wait for CI6 than…

What if there is no CI6? Going with the way they are updating Universe I can’t see there being a CI6. This game could be the last in the series and besides every game was pretty much the same as the last it doesn’t make sense why they would make another one after universe since that’s pretty much all games into 1 game now.

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Did you ever played dont starve and dont starve together. System is like that. They are making some games around story. and a game around gameplay. IA will probably make CI6 if this game gets great sells.

That’s if this game even becomes a paid product lol. Now that it’s at v9 it’s in a state where they now have a chance to sell the game and continue updating then but I can’t see that happening.

Maybe they should make a Patreon so we can support them that way.

Uhhh… You know there will be a premium option right? I mean… They arent running these servers free.

Last in the series? No,ciu isn’t a part of the regular series,it’s a spin-off. Which is also why it likely won’t get a story mode.

We still have a way to go towards the final release. And

there will be a premium option

Well they have been really quiet about it.

What if the game stays free but gets Microtransactions instead?

It will get microtransactions, you will be able to buy keys, they said it in one of the first update posts.

Let’s just hope when that day comes EA Doesn’t come sniffing and buys Interaction Studios LMAO

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They explained this in first update logs. Before early access out. The premium price will be 5 dollar and there will be micro-transactions. Also Orandza is right

You know what now that I brought that up… I wonder if Interaction Studios has EVER had any offers from gaming companies for their business? Man I’d love to know.

I’d like to see just one more last sequel to sum things up.

From the Chicken Invaders Universe wiki page

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We’re already working on it…

Oh look who’s back. Mastermind of jokes!

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Mastermind of cashgrabbing I’d say.