Step 2 of modding CIU

Where’s the weapon after using QuickBMS

You can’t use QuickBMS to mod the game. Also why are you create this topic for?

To try if I can use Paintnet to open the dat file, replace music and add them to IAMI

QuickBMS no longer works. It previously worked, but it has stopped to do. Maybe I the future it will work again, but for now just people with IAMT can mod CIU.

You mean IAMI


No, I don’t mean InterAction Mod Installer, I mean InterAction Mod Tool.

making the tool public was a mistake


Download link?But please not the WDExtractor

you can’t have it, plain and simple

Can anyone give a tutorial how to edit the mod. Give an empty file for me

Just some users have IAMT. I am not one of them, and even if I was I wouldn’t be able to give you the download link.

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Anyone beside samuelIronban give me the tool. I want that tool. Why? Everytime I changed the soundtrack, it got the error of cutting off

With qbms the new file must weigh <= than the original.

And IAMT is public. I recently published an audio-only version in IAMI Discord server. Though, like Enhawk said, that probably was a mistake. At least we’ve found a few bugs in there.

And you could write last 3 replies in one.


How can I put them back on the data. Picture is on the first top

Can you give invite link?

Now I go it. Idk how to use