Steam wallet refund

Hi Dear InterAction!
Today I found this masterpiece on steam, and I had so much fun with it so I bought the “Hunter License” via Steam Wallet, then I changed my mind.
Is there any way to get a refund ?
Sincerely, szoroscsirke.

Were you the one complaining about console controls?

Besides, in-game microtransactions are made so that they’re non-refundable. I don’t like it any more than you do, but that’s the way it is.

First off: Welcome to the forums.

Now about the refunds: As far as I know refunds cannot happen for microtransactions, however you can either contact Steam Support or wait for InterAction studios to respond to your post. I can’t help much, as I haven’t done any microtransactions on Steam so you’ll just have to wait for a response from the dev.

Could be, could be not. But it’s irrelevant to the current topic, and iirc someone could properly use a Dualshock or Xbox controller for CIU pre release in a forum post so it doesn’t matter.

Hi, Thanks for your reply,
I cannot refound on steam support site (microtransactions doesnt supported yet) thats why I wrote this topic. I think the best if I wait for the devs to respond.

iA, why wasn’t CHL available as a proper DLC instead of microtransaction?

To allow buying from something not related to Steam and hold all stuff in one place. Probably.

Sadly, not. This is why in-game purchases are clearly marked as non-refundable at the time of purchase. Even if I could somehow override this and issue a refund, there’s no code in the game that can take back your “Chicken Hunter License”. Sorry :frowning:

Because that would create two different methods (IAP and DLC) to handle something that could have been better handled uniformly – and it would also tie it into Steam. Recall that you might have bought a CHL from other sources, too.


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