Steam release

In how much time chicken universe will apear on steam?

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Well, right now the answer’s when it’s done, so, in 20XX


Next to full release but there will be some delay as developer will need to make Mac and Linux versions + Steam stuff support.


Until it’s done and iA completed porting to other OSes.

Yes, that’s true but he can place the game on steam like fury unleashed it s unfinished but is on steam

Sorry, but can you write more clearly? I can’t understand what you wrote.

Currently, the game is in very active state of development when updates can be almost every week (and emergency updates can be almost in a several minutes after each other, how it happened to v42). While the game is missing in Steam, developer can test some radical changes without meeting troubles of server overload, Steam things and negative feedback from those who don’t know it is in early access.

In short: it doesn’t worth releasing unfinished product in Steam.

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Also this topic should be categorized to #early-access because the topic post is a question, not an idea.

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It’s not worth it in CIU perspective. There can be good EA releases on Steam. But here it wouldn’t be the best. I mean, we already have the forum where we can discuss everything in a better way than Steam Discussions (yeah, there are things worse than Discourse). While releasing CIU on Steam right now could bring some money to IA, it also comes at a sacrifice of first impressions and the date of launch. And with release date it is already tricky problem because since CIU is open beta this means everybody can play it - launch date isn’t anything special. I mean, this game is already 17 months old.

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