That’s my new name ! For more info do a reply . Yeah long story with my google account

Can i ask? what’s stawlart? is that your callsign?

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Why this topic is an idea topic? (hmm)

yes ! look at my calsign

He should recategorize it to #chicken-invaders.

You could direct message him.

See that blue button?

I see !

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Can I call IA to silence this guy? In this forum you can’t post an off-topic topic or you will be silenced!

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It’s not spam, that our rules to not post a topic that isn’t related to any category


my bad, missing an L

oh you mean that when i post a topic it should be Chicken invaders ?

Yes it should be.

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Aaaaand don’t post unecessary

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If you need to talk with someone, direct message them instead of creating topic

  • what about non basic user cant do that

@Stawlart257 is a basic

Yeah then that would also restrict you guys from creating topics.

I don’t understand the purpose of this thread.

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oh ok

He’s announcing that he changed his name.

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