Stars and planets size

Stars in the game are smaller than 100,000 km in diameter which is to small to even create a fusion reaction (our Sun is 1,000,000 km in diameter). And some planets are smaller than … the Moon

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Yes, what about it? In 2120 you should go to another galaxy and see smol planets

Is there, like, a real-world object in the game that you have used to get this scale?

It’s clearly not all to scale, otherwise either the planets are really tiny, or the Space Burger building is an absolute MONSTER

It’s small not smol

Game logic:
-Chickens can fly and breath in space (how in space can they do that :thinking:)
-Food drops from chickens falls in space (what?? :thinking:)
-A chicken lays an egg every 10 sec
-The Baberque can evaporate … a star

It’s a joke


smol is funny and small is normal bro

They are chickens from the space, it’s its abilities

Recruit must have used some gravity controller tools for that

Hmm… how could fire defeat fire

Most of the things in CIU galaxy doesnt make sense. Like frozen or whatever planets have over 100000k temperature.


I just don’t see why anyone would tryhard to see logic in a game… Just enjoy it.


I get it for some games… not for something like CI though. The complete absence of logic is something the series quite regularly acknowledges itself, in fact.

0℃= 273˚K. Good now?

100000 K is equal to 99726.85 °C. The hottest known planet that I could find, Kepler-70b, has a temperature of 7662 K, or 7389 °C. But yeah, I don’t think it matters too much.

Also, the kelvin is an SI base unit, not a degree.


Sun/star diameters: Fixed in v.34 :medal: bug

Regarding temperatures, 100000K is way outside expected bounds for planets. @Nikito, where did you see this?

Maximum temperature should be 2250K for Inferno planets, 750K otherwise.


Yay, I mentioned a bug :smiley:

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