Stacks for Satellites!

When flying a long missions like Weekly Challenge or 120th Anniversary missions we don’t get to use Satellites that much because they don’t last very long, so I suggest a stacks of energy to be added in the store with multiple prices so we can add these energies to the Satellites so they could be with ous for longer.

You can always pick up more during the Weekly Challenge.

And 120th Anniversary shouldn’t really be focused on satellites in my opinion.

1-There are other long missions than those.
2-They have like 1 or 2 levels that has a Satellite in it.
3-If it came in the beginning of the mission it won’t be used and it could be a Satellite that you don’t want.
4-It only contains 1 or 2 Satellite, so if you have like 4 or 5 Satellites you won’t pick it in order not to consume your other Satellites.

What type of satellites are you using?

If you’re clever with your loadout you can stagger your usage - remember microguns only fire after a delay, so you can effectively have separate firing phases of satellites and prolong their overall lifespan.

1.Perhaps “ammo packs” for the satellite that recharge it once it empties could be implemented. They have to be pretty cheap,because satellites run out very fast,and also stackable.


2.Satellites can be upgraded in the market to have more health/damage.Rare forms of satellites could also have more health/damage.

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Better option. But I highly suggest that we stop bombarding IA with all kinds of ideas until he’s done balancing the weapons, this must be quite stressful.

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I do actually really really like this idea. It gives store-bought satellites a unique benefit, and doesn’t require any new features (and address the original problem, too).

Weren’t those ammo pack power-ups planned to be added

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Yeah,we’ll probably just move it to a new ship with absolutely OP weapons but limited ammo.That’d be a fun mechanic.

I mostly use “Bird-Flu Gun” but I’am curious about the “ICBM” because it only has 3 rockets I suggested that specially for those 2 Satellites, I don’t use Barbequer that often and I don’t use Mircroguns and I filled my Spacecraft with “Bird-Flu Guns” and “Barbequers”.

Barbequer can destroy projectiles, I highly recommend.

I know but I like Bird-Flu Guns more and if I use Barbequer with it, I will use one while consuming the other one for noreason because if you want to use a Satellite you are forced to use al of them.

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Yes and it can destroy giant fireballs

Or could have more ammo

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