what’s the point recruiting people in your squadron? What benefit do you get? and what benefit do they get after completing your task and should i give em hard tasks or easy ones?

Assign every mission you play, when people complete your assignments you get key as a reward, make sure to add active players to your squadron, however if you have more than one squadron you still can assign the mission you winned to only one squadron, of your squadron if active enough there’s a medal you can get.

And I don’t know much about your benefits as a member in another squadron besides that it’s really useful when needing to play a lot of waves to be most active player.

And don’t forgot, the more active people you have the more active your squadron will be and the more benefits you get.

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You will get an extra score point when completing a squadron mission. (Which mean you can level up (tier) faster).


Also upgrading your squadron means the ability to add more players in it, I think you get one by default and you need to upgrade it 8 times, so the maximum number of members in it is 9.

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