[Speculation] 20 update is final update


I think will be added Comet Chase and Supernova in 14 update
15 update fix all bugs and errors
16 update Created Mobile Version. Mobile and PC will not be split and will be in one universe
17 Beta-Test with Steam Version
18 Fixed Global Bugs
19 Fixed Global Bugs
20 FINAL UPDATE and Game will release in June.


You forgot a lot of non-gameplay features like squadrons, medals, global ranking etc. After that they will add forum ideas that can’t be implemented after full release. Mobile version will be after release of final PC version.


I expect it to go up to v30 at least. I think that early acces will end in about july-october or something like that (still a long way to go :wink:) .


I remember they said they will make mobil version after a few months from release


Getting out of the early access will take same time to kill mr. big chicken #214748363 without rockets. Be patient!


I need Multiplayer


don’t forget asteroid belts which have meteor storm missions in it too, and both yolkon-7 and planetary missions i guess


They won’t be releasing the mobile and Steam versions while it’s still in Early Access.