Special weapon: Cryo wave

Cryo Wave
“Stop the chickens in time by freezing them and load massive amount of bullets at them. May reference some cool show existed hundred years ago.”

Effect: Using cryo wave will create a cold wave (lol) stopping all chickens, projectiles, foods, etc. except you. You can still fire your projectiles but it’ll stop moving after a spilt second of shooting (instant traveling weapons will not and will damage on impact). Lasts for 9 5 seconds.

There is no logic in video games so I can do whatever I want.


that wave is crying

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Anything that would delay enemies movement will pose some bugs in the game, specifically enemies teleporting out to nowhere. Unless this is meant to stop everything, including what is yet to spawn.

See this post: New Idea: Freeze Cannon - #4 by Fractorial

Do you know I was thinking about this special weapon a day ago :expressionless:

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