Spawn the planetary bosses and enemies WITHOUT planetary missions

I know everyone’s tired of this so I’ll be curt.

Just use floating rocks. Objects that cover the enemy and move with it. E.g. tentacle has a rock as part of its model and hitbox. Heart boss has a curved rock that floats into place like the final bosses, and barn has a rising rock.

Space jellyfish, space heart, space barn, space golem, whatever. Heck, don’t even do the regular enemies if it’s hard. But the bosses, especially golem and jellyfish which have no ground in their personal levels, should be able to show up in space. We can write off chickens breathing in space so why not other creatures?

On that note, why isn’t corn in CIU? That doesn’t need ground or gravity necessarily (Albeit it’s not my fav mechanic but maybe someone out there likes it).

PS I’m generally more interested in CIU being a rough compilation of the other games than adding new elements, so I don’t suggest new stuff often).

PPS examples of regular enemies:
Submarines: act like armoured chickens
Jellies: act like balloon chickens
Tentacles: need rock, otherwise skip
Crystals, Plants: Ditto
Falling rocks, frozen chicks: don’t need them, we have blue asteroids etc

PPPS yes I’m implying there is no special background or atmosphere (water, storm, etc). Just all in space.

It’s about those bosses being tied to the planetary chapters and requiring their infrastructure for some reason, they won’t get added without planetary missions



Would tag this as the solution but for some reason it isn’t an option on the thread. Thanks!

Ultimately, the main reason I even want these bosses is not for the gameplay - I have CI5 for that

But to have more of the CI5 normal boss theme play. It only shows up 50% as much as CI4 and CI3

corn cobs from pvz?

CI5 has corn cobs as a rare wave and part of the Barn boss. It’s logical to not have every single element of CI1-5 in CIU though.

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