Spaceship Joyride

Wave: Spaceship Joyride/Engine Joyride

Appears when: >40% / >60%

Formarion: You aim to the left/right. This wave will generate indestructible ball barriers, wired with energy, coming towards you at moderate speed. The barriers will either horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even rotate cw/ccw. Some chickens at the bottom as “Scientists”. At the end, you’ll be greeted with 4-7 rogue missiles (from CI3).

Hard Variant: Same as on top but screen zooms out and the barriers travel faster.

This wave:

  • References Jetpack Joyride
  • Brings back rogue missiles.

Ah Jetpack… the game me and my cousins grinded for whole summers and challenged in endurance fights.

I would love this wave but I’m worried we may not see it due to missiles

(Also… Since the game had veicle power up closed in boxes why not adding a safe to the wave?)

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