Spaceship Flight Test (CI fan game)

Story: Hero found a peaceful edge of space where there is no chickens, no planets or stars, he would like to rest here.

Controls: Direction arrows
Up to move
Left & right to rotate
Down to go backwards

The map is limited because scratch :frowning: .


Feedbacks below!

no flags please this is related to Chicken Invaders

…Well. I had time to waste so I decided to try that out.

Uh, first of all, when I move the starfield itself moves only to reveal a second starfield beneath it.

Second, the controls are broken, I can hardly rotate my ship and move it.Trying to move downwards makes me go left for example.

Third, why is there a blue dot when you first run it?

Who told you to do it?

Your ship is facing right so pressing down goes to left

Known. Will fix

its ok but you should try to make it so that the spaceship can be rotated so i dont have have to move up to rotate the spaceship.

But… That’s how Muller and cars actually works? :man_shrugging:
The ship’s movements are actually based on cars

well ok then.

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The controls are okay(my up arrow key isn’t working sorry).


sad. Try using sharpkeys to replace an unused keys(eg. Home)with Up arrow

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Sadly im playing on mobile right now, i will test later

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