Spacecraft Concepts Program PART 1: Hellburner-class ships ["The hull can't handle more!" "Still... do it!"]

Hi! My name is Stardrone and this is the Spacecraft Concepts Program (SCP for people interested into details) and in my opinion Chicken invaders is a series that has one of the best-designed ships I have ever seen in a videogame.
Think about it: if you show someone a screenshot of you using any weapon except utensil and into a “environmental” mission that guy/girl would be really imprese ed about the design.

Anyway in this program (as states here: Spacecraft concepts program. PART 0: Introduction of the program ) I will show you my concepts about spacecrafts.
I actually teased 4 ships and this is the first I fully finished: Hellburner


While creating it I tried to stay the more similar to the already implemented ones and at the end I decided to modify Heavy bombers since they start with some similaretes.
Since this ship owns a reactor I tought was a good idea implement it on the design since the very start.
Maybe I exagerated a little to the uniqueness but I like it and some variety doesn’t hurt anyone.

This picture shows some sketches I made in the last week to choose the design just to show my creative process (and my bad drawing skills):

Class: Hellburner
Ability: Fiery rush
“Besides the initial slow speed these dreadnought spaceships can reach an incredible velocity when their higly-unstable reactor burns. Only the bravest (and best) heros are allowed to pilot the hellbubners due to them being the most dangerous ships ever created as Fiery rushing can result into self-nuking.”

Fiery rush stats:

  1. Activates when overheat bar reaches 80% filling
  2. The ship movement speed increases to 3
  3. Attack of bullet increased by 10%
  4. Ends at heat bar 10%
  5. At 100% heat bar the reactor explode costing the player a life
    6)Aestetic: Some flares appears around the ship (or the reactor changes color from orange to red)

Some little maths:
A max power Neutron gun deals 500 damage per bullet and 2500 per volley. Fiery rush boosts these values up to 550 and 2800.
The dps will increase up to 18200 at MANUAL RATE while normally is 16250 dps.
The same damage bonus is NOT applied satellites since it wouldn’t make sense.
Such strenght is compensated due to the self-nuying at “overheat” message

4500 keys

4750 keys

5000 keys

With Movement I considered H&C’s and Muller’s equal to 3 and BX’s equal to 0.5

What do you think about this?
Will you criticize me for the too different aestetic?
What do you like and what you don’t?
What would you change?

I will publish SCP part 2 next week (not in 7 days) and the subject will be:
That is basically finished


I would suggest that the rush should deactivate one heat falls below 60%, otherwise it’s just activate once and then keep it cool forever.

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More skill cap for the fiery rush is needed to make it less “overpowered” and to keep the sense of the description

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