Space Race Waves Curation [Minor Idea + Poll]

I’m the type of person to do speedruns occasionally and play around the most efficient possible routes for completion and such, and what disappointed me is seeing waves like The Weakest Link, Gyroscope Malfunction and similar popping up in Space Races. We get time penalties for using superweapons, yet everyone’s “runs” (flights, i suppose) through these challenges are faced with autoscroll or enemy trickle timer style waves that have a set length and cannot be sped through. I wish the Space Race challenges used a pool of waves that allow the player to cut them short, or at the very least go by quickly with no lengthy wait times for one or two chickens to show up, then pause, then one or two more, then pause etc.
I know it’s probably a lot to ask because making a pool like that would involve going through literally every single currently existing wave and having to manually add it to the pool if it meets the standards, as well as having to do the same with all new waves in the future, but I’m very invested in speed challenges of this variety. You know, playing to weapon strengths to shave time off the clock and considering your options in a split second. I know it’s in essence a minor complaint, but still.
What do you guys think? Should there be a pool of non-time-sensitive waves for Space Races or are the races perfectly okay in a speedrun sense as-is? I’m curious on what the community thinks.
As always, thank you for reading!

  • I think the races are fine as they are now.
  • I think they’ll be better with curated waves.
  • I’m not sure. / I don’t care. / What in the world are you talking about?

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Due to an mixup, this poll is a multiple choice style, despite being intended as a single choice. It is now too late to alter it barring a repost. Apologies.


Are we supposed to chose multiple choices?

Lemme edit the post real quick, it’s supposed to be just one vote.

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I wouldn’t mind having that implemented, but I kinda like waves like Visitors From Another Dimension and The Weakest Link as a sort of “break” between the harder ones, though they do make the mission easier.


Perhaps stages could have one or two missions in the middle as a sort of breather point, where waves like Satellite Fly-by and Bonus Stage could have a higher chance of appearing, along with the slower types? It would give the challenge a structure similar to a regular game, further giving players a feeling of a speedrun. Although this would take even more work lmoa.

I don’t know, it feels like a hassle of a change for such a minor impact (everyone has the same wave so, as emerald said, a few “rest” waves are totally fine - not every wave needs to be super challenging as in 30 waves there’s plenty of skill ceiling already)


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