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(NOTE: This is not an idea.)

Hey guys, in my third and going-to-be-unedited topic. Firstoff, let’s talk about my childhood and what do i love currently:
Favourite Games:
Superstar Chefs: This is what i loved right now. It seemed somewhat difficult to me in the beginning, as when i was as exactly my brother’s age, i couldn’t jump but i tried more to jump.
Plants vs. Zombies: This is my second favourite game, but when i was playing at the Pool stage in my childhood, (i couldn’t remember what level i was playing.) there was a glitch where the Tangle Kelp was idle (not even attacking the zombie), making it eating him.
Jumpin’ Jack: Pretty easy, i don’t have any mood to talk about it more, expect the fact that it’s the game that i loved right now
Super DX-Ball: That was hard and i loved it so much and right now.
Secondoff, i’m gonna explain all what i can do:
Running: That’s totally common.
Thing throwing and thing catching: I’m not very good at this tho.

That’s all what i can say about myself. Hope to see you in my next topic! =D


Marios all games
Pac man
Chicke invaders
Web games generally…
Honestly turkey wasnt very good at internet gaming in my childhood. New childs are pretty lucky on it…