Some random QnA


Just send any question, even questions that are not related to Chicken Invaders, and i will answer them. :smirk:


Do you know how gravity works? I know.


I know.


How does it work?


the gravity works cause our ships fuel. when our ships move, it creates a new gravity point and all chicken food goes which way the fuel burns.


I was gonna answer that.


I was just kidding…


Please stop with those jokes and wait until Super Meat Boy Forever comes. (which means until it’s April)


This topic is totally meaningless.


We shall see!
@discobot fortune
Is this thread meaningless?


:crystal_ball: Better not tell you now


I can’t delete it! And what is even moderator attention!? :frowning_face:


I don’t think so.


Let me get that for you,
@discobot fortune
Is this thread/topic meaningless?


:crystal_ball: Most likely


Yes,this topic is absolutely meaningless,so why didn’t you just let this thread die and get buried by the other topics? It’s 9 days old,too! Normally,that isn’t too big of a problem,but when you post in a 9 days old thread that doesn’t even have any real meaning,all you’re doing is taking it back to the top of the forum,where it’s really just a waste of space.
And to SuperKiddo,people are right when they call this meaningless. If they wanted to ask you a question,they could have sent it through private messages. And if they want others to answer it,too,they could have just created a separate thread for it. That’s one of the reasons why forums are a thing.

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