Some questions of mine

Hey I got a question
I haven’t logged in my account for few months. Now I want to play again. Do I lose my account?

Also, if you haven’t logged in for the past 40 days or so, your callsign has been reset (this is to reduce the time I have to spend sifting through inactive accounts when responding to support calls about lost profiles etc.). On the positive side, if you had an old inaccessible account keeping your callsign in use, you can now reclaim it.
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In version 40 or 41 there was clearing of callsigns of players that haven’t logged since version 35. So if you played more than one hour you should be able to log into your old account, but you must buy callsign again.

How to buy?

Buy what?

My callsign

Press the Pilot like icon at the left side of the screen, then change your callsign. And you’ll need 90 keys for a callsign change

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