Some new chicken type

I have some ideas for the game.They are all new chicken type and i have no idea if anyone has send them before me but here we go:
1.multi-chicken : it kind of a smaler version of the boss chicken multiplicity its a big chicken a little smaller than achickenaut and wears vest and will spawn four ordinary chicken when its killed.
2. ninja-chicken:a chicken that has a ninja outfit and shoot and egg directly toward the player but it also has a special ability. it can use it smoke bombs to teleports around. when he use a smoke bomb the bomb cause a small area of black smok around him and he disappear and reappears in another locathin in the screen with the same smoke effect. it cant teleport into the player and a small area around him.
3.magnet-chicken:this guy is a normal chicken with a magnet on his single colored vest and has the ability to attract gifts and firepowers in a area around him and if the gift or firepower reach him the player has 5 seconds to kill the chicken and get them back or they will be gone.
4.healer-chicken: he wears a white vest and a white hat with has a red plus on it and if any chicken around him has taken damage he will heal them with a smaller white version of the beam used in beam bond(infini-chickens)
5.snow-chicken:looks like a toxic chicken but is blue and some parts of his body are frozen in ice shoots a snow ball directly toward the player but if the snow ball hits the player it will not destroy it but only slow both fire rate and movement speed down and the ship will get a little blue. if the player gets hit to many times the ship will completely freeze and will explode if it get hit with another snow ball.
so this is all I got for now hope you like them and some of them get chosen to be added to the game and a whant to apologize for any typo or grammatical errors i maight have made.and feel free to change some of the names i am not good at naming and woud like to know about other possible names others might have in mind.


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