Some gift recolor ideas

Good day everyone.

I decided to play around with CIU gift boxes a little bit and come up with color palettes that would be really easy to differentiate for colorblind people. I didn’t keep Monochromacy in mind because it’d be almost impossible to come up with gifts colored in a way such that they always look different when grayed out, and that would give IA a good reason to keep the “Color Blind Mode” feature in the game.

There are three types of colorblindness:

  1. Deuteranopia (Common) - Red-Green Colorblindness
    Green - weak, makes it hard to distinguish it from red. It’s the most color form of colorblindness. People with this type of colorblindness see much like us, except everything is mostly in shades of yellow, some things are beige-ish and others are blue.

  2. Protanopia (Uncommon) - Red-Green Colorblindness
    Red - weak, so it’s mostly the same as Deuteranopia, except it’s easier to distinguish them. And by this I mean green looks like a brighter yellow, while red has a dark shade of yellow. However, everything still looks like it’s yellow and blue, and cyan even looks like a really bright sky blue.

  3. Tritanopia (Rare) - Blue-Yellow Colorblindness
    This is the only type of colorblindness that has blue and yellow as indistinguishable colors. For people with this type of colorblindness the world mostly looks red, pink and blue.

With all that in mind, I made such gifts that, once filtered through colorblind ‘shaders’’ if I can call them this way, look different enough, and they’re not too different from what we have in-game right now.

Even if colorblind players are an uncommon sight, there’s no harm in giving the gift boxes a redesign that would freshen up the game a little bit.

If you have anything against these palettes or want to know my reasoning behind them, don’t hesitate to ask me! I’ll gladly explain.

I included labels for convenience.




Thanks for reading.


Like, are these how they are going to appear in the games with colorblindness mode turned on, or is it how it’s going to appear to color blind people?

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I’m sure that people will be able to change them at will

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The latter. This is how colorblind people would see these gift boxes:

Depending on their colorblindness. It’s ~90% accurate, and there are other things like deuteranomaly and protanomaly that are weaker versions of colorblindness… but I decided not to look too much into them because, logically, people with mild colorblindness should have an easier time distinguishing them.

Edit: BUT! IA could make it so that Colorblind Mode would change the gift boxes to these ones. That could also work. In that case I’d also add another tick box (maybe one that would be grayed out if Color Blindness isn’t ticked) that would add labels to weapons.


Maybe something like that? I wouldn’t mind using it myself.


I think the letters make it pretty obvious what weapons they are, actually, though it might be a problem when we get similarly named weapons…so idk.

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Utensil Poker looks exactly the same in all images.

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…? I don’t understand your point. Why does gray need to look different if it’s the only such gift? It’s why it’s to the side in fact.


He was simply making an observation.

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Well, I thought it’d be obvious black and white and all grays looked the same to all people with vision. Even monochromatic people.

I thought of adding icons, but I don’t know how much of a burden that would be. Unless it’s not. Then again how would weapons like photons and boron be represented?

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Well, I was referring to them being colored… besides if they’re black and white in game they might be hard to see, unless I’m wrong?

I’d love to see “File:IconAbsolverBeam.png” in-game though ngl :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, @EmeraldBirb just forgot to put pic for it in wiki…

It’s just a joke.



I’m gonna quote a classic:


In Loco, the colorbind mode adds an icon to the colors, like what you are saying.

A few of them could ſtill be problematic: deuteranopia and protanopia make lightning and riddler look quite similar, whereäs tritanopia makes plaſmer, laſer, and corn look confuſingly cloſe.

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Agree about Plasmer and Laser. The others look distinctive enough to me, but I’ll try to make them more different as well. I’ll make the necessary changes once I have free time :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback.

Greetings Traveller, sorry for being late, here’s what I thought of to make Laser and Plasmer easy to tell apart:

Luckily and conveniently for me, I have a wide variety of options for Laser Cannon because of how different its colors are compared to other gifts. I decided to decrease its brightness a little bit (i.e. make a slight hue adjustment):

And here’s what used to be the problematic Tritanopia vision:

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