Some feedback, small balance opinions and questions

Hi. I’ve recently decided to take a look at the CIU forums, and surprise surprise, the alpha stage was released. I downloaded it, played for a bit, updated it to 3.1 and played some more. So, here is my opinion on the game.

1. General Interface

To be honest, it feels smooth, clean and modern. Soundtrack is awsome, HUD and GUI’s are awsome. The only thing that I dislike is that you have to buy the previous CI soundtrack packs. Other than that, :+1:

2. Gameplay

Thank GOD that you have made the spaceship follow the pointer instantly. The gameplay is kinda annoying at higher tiers due to the enemies beign VERY though for one person. Hoping multiplayer (well, CO-OP, 'cuz the game is multiplayer) will be added.
Ok. Here is my first balancing issue. The Utensil Poker (a.k.a. the fork thingy). In my opinion the weapon is low risk, high reward type. High damange, good spread, low cooldown, easy to use. Yes, yes, I am aware that it cost 500+ keys to buy, but I think that a small tiny tinyyy microscopical nerf would be ok to the weapon. That’s just my opinion as a casual gamer.
(I’m not gonna complain about the key economy because everyone has already done that lol.)

Overhaul: Had lots of fun playing. 9/10, :+1:

I’ll buy the membership thing btw :romania:

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I disagree about utensil poker. It’s that weapons like boron railgun,vulcan chaingun and positron stream are so awful,they make weapons like utensil and neutrons seem OP,but in reality,it’s the former weapons that are underpowered


Weapons need some reworking, I only use forks and win all the time, I just ignore other weapons

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