Some concept waves

So I am learning how to use And it’s give me some interesting wave concept (which people will call me a madman) but still.

The first is Heavy Fortification. Here, chickens are blocked by barrier and there are alot, like, ALOT of Chick Guns and Chickenauts. Defeat the top and the bottom row to unlock the bubble protecting the Chick gun. After all chickens has been killed, the bubble locking the container will unlock as well.

This one is Ahem, complicated. This wave name is The Ritural. Sorry for not draw a good circle, my placing got some small issue and i’m trying to improve it. And plus, for those said I am against the christian world, I am speaking again, I AM NOT EUROPEAN! Anyways the giant circle will go up and down while the interdimensional portal continuosly spawning in chickens to attack you. They will do this for 5 turns until they all poof.

The final one is Locked In. Well looking the picture, you already know how this wave will be fight and how their pattern is so I don’t have to explain anymore. And those who wanna know, the blue circle are Anomaly Zone but my words put in so small, sorry.

What are your thoughts?


In the first wave, I am certain that containers disappear when all enemies are killed. Other than that, I really have nothing to say, they are interesting waves, but way too hard. The third one I feel is the best one to implement.

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SSH to be extract.


It is great. I have an idea.There should be a headquarter in the game for our chicken fedration.

Pretty okay waves here, you should reduce the number of chickens on wave 1 and 3, because they’re pretty unnecessary to make clumps of them in one place

is it me or that wave 2 looks like a harder version of Spawner Spinner but Yang and Ying idk

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These look too hard tbh. The design is fine, just random-fire enemies everywhere is bad.

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