Some Chicken Invaders "Artwork"



But to my knowledge, @samuelronban made that asset

Or at least, they vectorized it from a pickaxe asset


reposting this for the last time, basically i’ll make a quick guide on how to do these kind of “artwork”
take a screen shot, and then edit in another boss or the same boss
btw im gonna make another one of these


Lol, I remember seeing this in a couple of other posts. Not bad!


thanks, made it look legit as possible


I might aswell repost mine here.
Original story of 10.1 Update.


woop woop made another one

and another one


Fighting the Super-Chick without zoom out would be epic


more difficult mod xD


Hi! So, um, here’s a new one:

And before you ask, NO, that’s not the same hero from the other posts (that hero pilots the H&C 201, the one on this picture pilots the H&C 301).

As an added bonus, enjoy this old one (THAT I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVEN’T POSTED YET!), added because it’s also related to missiles.


ahh, that’s good ol’ Egg Missile


Hurray. Freezer satellite, my best idea.