Some Chicken Invaders "Artwork"


I decided to share some images I made based off of the Chicken Invaders franchise, most of it is simply for fun.

A few notes:

  • Assets used (both official and custom) belong to their respective authors
  • These weren’t made in Photoshop (don’t have that program just yet), these were made in PowerPoint, but still look just as good IMO.
  • I want to give a shoutout to @EmeraldPlay for extracting the official assets from Chicken Invaders, used all over these works
  • Yes, I have tons more of these (over 90 to be precise!), I plan on sharing most if not all of them here.
  • The reason why all of these are called “image” is because I used the same file to share all of these, meaning that I saved these in a file named “image” before uploading them here
  • Artwork is under quotation marks because I’m not sure if this counts as such
  • Excuse the size of these, they are direct screencaps (res for each is 1366 x 768)
  • Newer images will be posted in replies instead of in the main post (mostly because I don’t want to have this post overcrowded with over 90 images, my own art is marked in my replies)
  • Newer-style images have a GUI (in-game HUD and speech bubbles) in the style of the CIU interface, older images are based on the GUI style from the episodes
  • Have you made your own Chicken Invaders artwork? Feel free to post it

Hello CIU!

huh, didn’t expect to see my party chicken in there


WO₂, what’s this?

Also, if you don’t have Photoshop then you could try using GIMP or
They’re both free and for the most part will do the job just fine (certainly better than PowerPoint).

If you decide to go with the latter, you can download plugins for it here


Maybe in the future, but for now this will do just fine.

(and yes, that’s your missile launcher satellite :wink:)

BTW, here’s another one I made sometime ago.

Also credit to whoever made that retro spaceship, you’ll be seeing it a couple more times.


Is that Mr. Big Chicken #214748363?


It is!



These are amazing. Make more :smiley: You doing a really great job dude cheers! Also the retro ship is made by @xXmlgDiegoXx far as I remember.


Thanks! And yes, I DO have more, in fact, here’s a couple more.

BTW, does anyone from the wiki remember this?


Now, I DO in fact mean it when I say this, but in this image in particular I have made an exception:

The explanation to this is that the heroes have traveled back to the events of CI5 (which is why the fan is mounted). The present day heroes have the current speech bubble format, while the past Hero has the original version.

Speaking of fans, here’s another one related to it:

EDIT: Also, for those wondering, I have also updated my profile background to this:

Used the CI2 title screen as a reference.


My profile background

I can’t put all chicken. I will remake this soon


IA should use you for CI6 storyline content. These are really good and can hype you for something that is not sure that will ever happened :thinking::wink::smile:


The greatest game of all time!


That’s some bendy "E"s


Please write me: How you got Texture from Chicken Invaders Universe ? I extracted only sound and music ???
What font uses Chicken Invaders ?




A real E BEND


The impact font


Yes we bendededed it hard!


This is EmeraldPlay’s secret. He don’t want to talk about it here and we don’t know where he can.