Some Boosters Ideas

I have come up with a few ideas for boosters, so here they are.

Increases bullet spray area as the ship heats up.

Decreases bullet spray area as the ship heats up.

Double tap to create an energy zone around the spacecraft which damages enemies with fire and lasts for 7 seconds.
Adds 20% heat while active and has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Start missions with 2 extra power, but slightly reduced firing rate.

Randomly supercharges a volley, which makes it deal 50% more damage. Supercharge chance increases with heat.

Double tap to shrink a volley (overlap all bullets on top of the spaceship OR reduce ray width but increase damage).
Has a cooldown 5 seconds. Useful for single bosses.


Literally bullet spray expander and condenser in form of boosters. You already won’t want to waste mission slots on these so why would you want to replace the one valuable booster slot you have with these? Don’t see why you’d use this other than making comet chase easier at what is essentially no cost.

Don’t see the reason for additional heat buildup since even without this, this booster wouldn’t be very useful. Getting close to enemies is very risky. Well I kinda do like the idea of having a damaging aura but I don’t think it works here. Remove heat buildup penalty and remove cooldown. Make this thing have 100% uptime or else it’s going to be useless. If you want to make a booster, it has to be pretty damn effective, just like overdrive and accumulator. Boosters need to be treated like primary equipment, not secondary. So I think if you change it the way I said, it could be a good idea.

Useless. 2 additional firepower isn’t going to make up for the fire rate loss from both this booster and the fact you’ll lack 50% fire rate boost from overdrive/accumulator. It doesn’t make up for it during early game, and it sure as hell won’t help you in the late game where you’ll actually be handicapped by this booster.

RNG overdrive that doesn’t even affect every volley. Useless.

Not very useful. Once again, cooldown just brings this down further.
Overall, other than kill zone which could have potential if you give it reasonable damage and 100% uptime with no heat penalty, these boosters aren’t that useful.


A booster that buffs only a volley and not a the whole weapon. Like seriously how that would affect anything?

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You can use Bullet Spray Expander and Condenser.


OP how? It increases dps by the exact same amount as overdrive and accumulator except you have 0 way to control it and it only affects 1 volley. What part of this is overpowered rather than just useless?


its does not affect the whole weapon shot itself

I think you are being too harsh on it.

And you are… uh.

Until we know what the exact minimum and maximum supercharge probability values are, we can’t make claims as to whether this’d be over or underpowered compared to the current boosters.

That being said, crits are currently Photon’s shtick. I personally don’t think a booster should intrude on mechanics inherent to specific weapons.

Okay. But it’s not a good idea imo.

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