Is the server down?

Um yeah.


For me it’s just… connecting forever. Where can I see the status of the server? Since here it says that server is functioning properly.

You have to restart the game.

Restart as in… reinstall? Because I did restart it… wait is the new version out? :thinking:

No,and I have no idea why the person said that. The server is down and we have to wait for IA to fix it.

When I have that error is because the game was open too much time, so I just need to restart it and it works.

Did you actually check the game yourself? Several people complained about it,they didn’t all just coincidentally keep the game open for too long.

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I tried to open it, but it keeps in the logging in screen so much time.

It’s been down since 7 hours. Yikes.

Server is back up. Will investigate reason for crash.