So much hypeeee!


HYPE OVERDOZED! New game outs after years! And I am in early beta! WOOOHOOOOO!!!


how you are in the beta???


IT Will Out soon. Like in A Day.


yeeeaaaaaaaa boiiiii¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


The hype is real boyzz


Our grand-childs will see it than they will think our grampas was weird. Cause they wasnt know their father played fortnite.


im ded reason

                                                           (insert some characters)



Hype. I don’t have hype.


Why not. They are publishing a new game after 3 yearz.


Four years, to be precise (two if you count editions).


Why would I feel it anyways.


Cause they are making a different edition from old game style. And I feel it will be purrrfect!


i am going to die if i don’t get my hands on that bad boy soon


You will get it soon, they opened articles for game.


Oh my God, you’re a chicken.


He cant understand it, hey Chicken BOK BOOCK BOK BOOCK BOK BOOK BOK BOOCK BACK BOOK! He says, you want to ansver him.




Chicken language, you know…