Smoke Chickens

-Something like toxic chickens but will leave a cloud of smoke when killed
those clouds would be bigger than toxic clouds but they won’t kill you but cover your screen with smoke and slow you down the smoke will be similar to dark levels but it would be transparent gray not completely black the bigger the storm the more unclear it will be to see and make you collide into objects more often
-Smoke chickens in stormy planets will leave a cloud that’s able to kill you if you entered it in the first second
-In gas giants they would leave colored clouds with the same color of the gas giant that will be like normal smoke chickens but it will change the color of your ship and leave color splashes on your screen that will slowly disappear


A bit similar to my imaginary Dark Chickens, but a great idea ^^.

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Hey, could you pleaſe try to punctuäte a bit more?

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